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Female Forms of Power and the Myth of Male Dominance 2015-01-26 10 AM men women femaleformsofpowerandthemythofmaledominance

I continue to read this paper: "Female Forms of Power and the Myth of Male Dominance: A Model of Female/Male Interaction in Peasant Society."

It's solidifying a lot of the things that I've intuited and strongly believed, and giving them more solid shape.

It also talks about how the illusion that men are in power works to cement female forms of power. It shows how women control status, and use the control of status to influence events within mens' sphere. It also does NOT say that men are under the complete control, and it also does NOT say that women are dominated by men. NOR does it say that men and women "share" power. Rather, that men and women are situated in separate spheres and use their power in those spheres in different and interlocking ways. It is something like a stalemate.

It is a tragedy that it is a stalemate, like "competitive equality," rather than a full motion of the society in a desired direction. Intelligent forces pushing against each other is entirely wasted energy.

I have a fantasy about creating a comic form of this paper, to explain it visually and graphically, so that it's far more accessible to a wider audience.

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